Mini Charger

These handy 5,200 mAh power banks will keep your staff all charged up throughout the day, whether it’s just to ensure you stay in contact by keeping their phones topped up or to keep delivery drivers SatNav’s running, or even to check customers e-tickets the mini charge station and 6 portable power banks will do the job eminently.
The Station measures 20cm x 20cm x 20cm, whilst the power banks are pocket size. Each power bank has an LED showing the charge percentage so you’ll know when to top up.
Comes with a 5 multi-tip lead suitable to charge all smartphones made since 2007.
Charge It_Mini Charger_Holiday Inn

Charge-it offer a range of services from leasing to short term rental to one off purchases, we also have bespoke packages for our clients. For example data capture or branding, most things charging we can help. Speak to our team today on 01858 589777 or fill out the contact form on your right!

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