Illuminated Charge Station

This lit and brandable Point of Sale charging station comes with up to eight 4,000mAh credit card power banks or up to sixteen 2,600mAh cylinder power banks. The charging station has universal charging slots and you can mix and match the fully brandable credit card and cylinder power banks too.
Subject to order quantities we can even brand the charging station. The credit card power banks come with built in lightening and micro USB cables for iPhone 5 and above, and most other makes of smartphones.
The cylinder power banks come with an accessory lead for most makes of smartphones and an adapter lightening tip for iPhones5 and later.
The power banks are fully charged at all times so you are selling what the clients need – a fully charged power bank! You wouldn’t sell a flat duracell battery would you, so why sell empty power banks?
Charge It_Illuminated Charger_Virgin Trains

Charge-it offer a range of services from leasing to short term rental to one off purchases, we also have bespoke packages for our clients. For example data capture or branding, most things charging we can help. Speak to our team today on 01858 589777 or fill out the contact form on your right!

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