We all need convenience at times and as the world seems reliant on its mobile phones the loss of battery power can be inconvenient and frustrating as well as a problem incase of emergency.

We have the answer – Charge-it supplies mobile phone charging units to all public places and events to ensure you stay charged!

A Charge-it Box is a machine for charging devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, iPods, PSPs, and other small, mobile electronics. They can be situated in locations such as hotels, shopping centres, airports and many more with securable lockers, so devices can be safely charged at the owner’s convenience.

What We Do

    • Long term rentals
    • Revenue share
  • Desktop, floor or wall mounted machines

Our Clients Include

    • Bars
    • Pubs
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Shopping Centres
    • Hospitals
    • Casinos
    • Clubs
    • Sports Centres
    • Education & further education
  • On-board services

Our event machines provide secure locker charging where a customer accesses the charging box with a 4 digit code of their choice. Their device can then safely be left charging and is retrieved with the same code.


Our machines carry a video screen that can be used for advertising and promotions at no extra cost. The base of our machines can also have your logo displayed.


We deliver, set up and collect the machines so you can be assured that we fit in with your event requirements.


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